Red Eyes European version released – New single : Chimera

Red Eyes Deluxe Edition is now released via Secret Service Records. This new version of the record includes 3 bonus: No Class (Motorhead Cover), Caught by the Arms of Death (live) and Chimera, a brand new song.

Ceck out Chimera’s Lyric Video

Red Eyes Tour Brasil

A turnê brasileira com as bandas Hatefulmurder, Torture Squad, Reckoning Hour e Warcursed vai passar por 20 estados brasileiros! Serão 30 dias em um tour bus num formato que funciona na Europa e nos Estados Unidos há anos, mas é inédito no país. No ônibus não vão apenas as bandas, equipe e instrumentos, mas muito sangue nos olhos e garra para promover seus mais recentes trabalhos, que incluem os recém lançados Red Eyes do Hatefulmurder e Far Beyond Existence do Torture Squad, ambos pela gravadora Secret Service Records.


Hatefulmurder has blood on its eyes.

Determined to create directly from the most primitive senses, Hatefulmurder reinvents itself time and again in order to sound heavy – and this time is no different. Energy, perhaps, is the best word to translate their music and how it feels like to hear and see Hatefulmurder.
RED EYES is a strong, fast and cohesive album. It’s a contemporary metal release, but it does not sound dated or for fashion. Its direct and aggressive songs address the rebellion necessary to face the greatest enemy these days: you! The sound quality and refined production reflect the professional attitude of the band and the commitment to always bring a quality product to the public. Released by the British label Secret Service Records, Hatefulmurder’s long awaited new record comes out on March 15th, 2017 in Brazil and digital platforms and May 20th throughout Europe.

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New single out “TEAR DOWN”

“Tear Down” is a new single taken from the upcoming album “Red Eyes”.
Secret Service Records released a lyric video for this song at their youtube channel.


Renan Campos signs with DR strings

Renan Campos signs endorsement with DR Strings
Produced in the USA by musicians dor musicians, DR Strings is world renowned for maintaining the highest level of quality and durability. The strings arrive in Brazil through Novità Music.
“I found on DR Strings strings all the comfort, quality and durability I’ve been looking for for years at the Hatefulmurder shows and recordings.”
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Thomás Martin signs with Los Cabos Drumsticks

Thomás Martin signs endorsement with Los Cabos Drumsticks Brasil
The Canadian company located in the province of New Brunswick is known for crafting superior quality drumsticks that come to Brazil through Novitá Music.
“These are the best drumsticks I’ve ever used. Weight, resistance and finish made Los Cabos my choice for Hatefulmurder”
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RED EYES – Cover, release data and tracklist revealed!

Hatefulmurder’s new album entitled “Red Eyes” will be released by Secret Service Records (UK) in Brasil on March 12th and also in Europe on May 20th 2017, the latter featuring 3 bonus tracks.
The band’s first full-length with Angelica Burns on vocals brings a renewed team with direct and aggressive songs about the rebellion needed to confront today’s greatest enemy: you!
Cover artwork was created by Orge Kalodimas (Greece). Mayara Puertas (Torture Squad) appears as very special guest on “Time Enough at Last” track. Producer João Miliet (Angra, Gloria, Raimundos) mixed and mastered the album.

1. Silence Will Fall
2. Red Eyes
3. Tear Down
4. Riot
5. The Meaning of Evil
6. Time Enough at Last
7. My Battle
8. You’re Being Watched
9. Creature of Sorrow

Hatefulmurder signs with Secret Service Records

Hatefulmurder signed contract with Secret Service Records (UK) to release the new album “Red Eyes” in Europe and Brazil.

Red Eyes comes out march 15th in Brazil and digital platforms (such as iTunes, Spotify, etc) and may 20 in Europe on a special digipack edition with 3 bonus tracks.


Entrevista para a Radio Cult FM


Por Luck Veloso – Uma das maiores bandas dessa nova safra do metal nacional, o Hatefulmurder vem ganhando destaque e angariando cada vez mais fãs e seguidores por onde passam. Formado por: Angélica Burns (voz), Renan Campos (guitarra), Felipe Modesto (baixo) e Thomás Martin (bateria), o grupo acabou de soltar em seu canal do Youtube o clipe da incrível música “My Battle”, um single que faz parte do seu próximo disco e se prepara para vôos mais altos, participações em grandes festivais e muito mais. Batemos um papo com Renan e Thomás, confira a seguir:

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