Hatefulmurder has blood on its eyes.

Determined to create directly from the most primitive senses, Hatefulmurder reinvents itself time and again in order to sound heavy – and this time is no different. Energy, perhaps, is the best word to translate their music and how it feels like to hear and see Hatefulmurder.
RED EYES is a strong, fast and cohesive album. It’s a contemporary metal release, but it does not sound dated or for fashion. Its direct and aggressive songs address the rebellion necessary to face the greatest enemy these days: you! The sound quality and refined production reflect the professional attitude of the band and the commitment to always bring a quality product to the public. Released by the British label Secret Service Records, Hatefulmurder’s long awaited new record comes out on March 15th, 2017 in Brazil and digital platforms and May 20th throughout Europe.

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